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DT CALL OPEN WORLDWIDE: Do you want to join our Creative Team?

We are always on the lookout for talented crafters to join us and prefer to find people organically rather than calling specific DTs, so if you'd like to join us, read on to find out about our requirements ....


WHO we are looking for:

Mirtillamente is a brand that mainly produces digital stamps and we cater to many different artisans, all over the world and of all abilities, from beginners to advanced.

1. We are mainly looking for colorists but we also need people who love mixed media and are good all-round craftsmen: you have to be able to DO something, not just color an image, and we need you to know how to do what you do. an excellent level.

2. It is not necessary to have been part of a Creative Team before: we all have to gain experience somewhere.

3. You must be able to write a post on the Blogger platform in English (Google Translate is always a great solution), insert simple but effective text, including links and possibly practical instructions.

4. Deadlines - you need to be able to work ahead of deadlines and not miss them.

5. The quality of the images must be high. You must be able to take beautiful photographs of your projects, use good light and have a PC available to cut out, edit and correctly insert graphics and logos. Alternatively you can use a tablet or a smartphone but it is absolutely necessary to use a good graphics/image editing program/app that works in HD.

6. Commitment: We are mainly looking for long-term designers who will stay with us for a minimum of 1 year (we operate a 3-month trial system as a Special Guest DT).

7. How you will have to work:

Our Team uses digital products, stamps and papers, you must have a color printer or the possibility of being able to print the drawings and papers with which to work at any time.

FLEXIBILITY: you need to be able to work one month in advance but - sometimes - even with just one week's notice, and - above all - not miss deadlines. Being organized is the key.

We are mainly concerned with coloring and cardmaking, for obvious reasons, but we also want traditional paper artisans who love scrapbooking, making albums and boxes, decorations, concept cards and mixed media, so don't think you can't apply if you are not an expert in coloring. ; you can also use, if necessary, the digital stamps already pre-colored by some other member of the Team.

We expect a good level of social engagement from our team, so if you are someone who sits on the sidelines and only shows up to show your work once a month and isn't interested in taking part in what we do, probably the our team is not for you.

So if you are someone who is looking to become famous quickly and thinks this team is a stepping stone to bigger and better things then we are not for you .... we want people who genuinely love our products and want to be a part of something bigger and better than your solo ambitions. You have to LOVE the craftsmanship and LOVE Mirtillamente or it shows in your work and the effort you put into it.

Your projects will be published on our blogs and social channels, you will be rewarded with so many great digital products that you will love, with a constant supply of new stocks. We cannot pay you cash for your work but the value of the product will exceed any monetary value you would expect and you will receive discounts in the store.

So, if you still want to apply, send us an e-mail to telling us something about yourself, about your way of working and writing to us why you would like to join our team. Insert all the links to your blog and your social channels and send photos of at least 3 of your best projects.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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