venerdì 1 gennaio 2021

New DT Member!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the new member of the Mirtillamente Creative Team: from Dallas, Texas, USA... Samantha Newton aka WIPZ! The DT Call has paid off!

And as usual, here is our little "interview" quite useless but always fun!

1 - The city where I live: DFW, TX

2 - Favorite color palette: Black, white, baby Pink, baby blue

3 - It never fails on my work table: My sarcastic sense of humor

4 - While I'm working: silence or music? Music

5 - Creative tidy or messy? Messy …. on steroids

6 - Tea or coffee?  100% Tea Monster..I am British born

7 - Sweet or salty? Are we talking about me.. or what 

I like?? Lol of course I am sweet haha

8 - Favorite pizza: Heart attack special.. Double Pepperoni  !!!

9 - Where I would like to live: On a ranch/farm….as long as it has good internet service

10 - My secret dream: It wouldn’t be a secret if I told anyone

You can find her works here:





Thank You Samantha!


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  1. Thank you, so excited to be here and looking forward to meeting everyone.

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  3. Ho Samantha...I'm so so Happy, welcome into out family❤️❤️❤️